18 November 2014

" A Royal Hangover" Australian Premiere


A Royal Hangover is a new movie/documentary featuring Russell Brand, and will be screened in Australia first here in Adelaide at The Piccadilly Cinema on the 3rd December at 7:00 pm. Tickets are only available from Visible Recovery, so click on the above picture of Russell, and that link will open up our ticket booking window for you to process that online. Tickets will not be available either at the door or from the cinema as this is a private screening. Get in quick, tickets are selling fast.

27 September 2014

R.I.P. Joan Bowen

My mother passed away after a long battle with cancer on Monday, 22nd September, at 5:30pm. I wanted to honour her for the input that she has had with this project. First off for the total support that she gave to me personally throughout my lifetime of addiction, always believing that one day I would get clean and stay clean. That is so massive that I cant even describe to you what that means. Without her support, I would certainly not be here, and neither would Visible Recovery.

I also want to thank her for her assistance in helping me to visualise and crystallise my ideas to the point that this project was physically manifested. There were a few times I was ready to give up, and she would say..."just have faith, all will be well, I know it will...". She was right. 

I am grateful that I was able to have her present at the opening of my business, and that she was able to drop in from time to time with friends and see it all progress to where it is today. In her last days, she told me of how proud she was of me and what I had achieved. I finally felt that the living amends of staying clean and sober one day at a time had achieved a resolve for her and for me. She was proud that I was doing something that has, and will continue, to change peoples lives.

I will miss her kind and selfless manner, and her emotional intelligence, but hold dear to my heart that I was the only one in the room there with her as she took her last breath. RIP mum. I will miss you so much. XXX

11 August 2014

New Video!

Well, its been a long time, but it looks like people are still reading this site! Over 11,000 hits, which is astounding really. Who'd a thought it? Not me, that's for sure!. Anyway, here is our new video that is on our website that I made last night. I'm chuffed with it.

23 January 2014

The Anonymous People screens again

We are pleased to be screening The Anonymous People for a second time! Join us on Thursday, the 30th January at 7:15 at The Piccadilly Cinema (Cinema 3) for this great documentary. Tickets are only available from Visible Recovery. Go to our website at www.visiblerecovery.com.au and click on the link to purchase from our homepage.

You can see a trailer for the movie here:


20 December 2013

First clients are here!!

I am so very proud to announce that we have our first client group engaging with us at Visible Recovery just after Christmas. This for me is where it all starts. This is what this centre has always been all about...helping others. Recovery happens in peoples lives, but initiating recovery is what we specialise in. People always tell us we should stop, and we intend to show them how in this place. I am already working with some of these people and Im pleased to say they are all doing extremely well.  Long may this continue. All the marketing that we have been doing is reaching far and wide, with some of them from afar in SA and interstate. So pleased that it has all started. So grateful.

11 December 2013

Last Chance Folks!!

Tonight we are screening The Anonymous People at The Piccadilly Cinema at 7:15pm (Cinema 3). Don't miss the opportunity to get to the cinema and see a great movie for just $10.00!!! Book here for guaranteed seats...


3 December 2013


To be recognised by having a Labor Minister, the Green Party Leader and The Leader of the Liberal party along with several key Liberal Party Members today at our opening meant a lot to me personally. Minister Ian Hunter's speech was very touching indeed, and his recognition of my recovery journey and what I bring to the table was just wonderful, I almost couldn't believe the words he was saying were about me! I felt very proud in that moment to be able to bring this to the fore along with the vision of what we are doing here at Visible Recovery. I am so pleased that my Mum was there to see all of this as well, it was so very important for me, and very healing for the damage that I caused our relationship as a practising addict. Her son has come full circle now, and is on the cusp of what I believe will be some very exciting times ahead for recovery in South Australia.

It also cemented an end to the hard work of rebuilding the premises, and started the process of gaining and forging closer relationships with Government. We want to get our not-for-profit arm up and running in 2014, and they can assist us in getting another recovery centre up and running for the most vulnerable people in the community - the people exiting jail, the long term unemployed, and the people on long term disability pensions due to substance addiction issues.

So, I keep saying it, but I'm a lucky guy. I have had a fantastic day, and feel the milestone being laid as I move into the next  and exciting phase, admission of new clients to our brand new rehab, and the start of our new business ventures in 2014. Awesome.